Why You Should Upgrade Your Active Directory

Odds are, your hospital’s Active Directory (AD) is less like a forest domain and more like an actual jungle: a tangled web of multiple domains throughout all of your departments that is nearly impossible for a CIO to manage with any kind of consistency without staying at work literally all day. And no one wants to stay at work literally all day cutting down problems in a literal technology jungle!

We are proud to offer a simple solution: migrate to a single sign-on active directory system. The benefits for users and IT management are worth the investment, and it saves money over time.

Users can break their bad password habits and log in more easily. IT support has fewer calls for password resets.

When people have multiple log-ins to remember when they are trying to do their real job — which in a hospital is a very important one — they tend to forget passwords and constantly reset them, which can create inconsistencies in the system. When users have one username and password to remember, calls to tech support are reduced.

Most importantly, medical staff will be able to focus less on remembering passwords and more on remembering details about their patients, which will increase their productivity and improve patient care. Multitasking is actually not always a good thing, especially for healthcare professionals. Give them one less thing to worry about and move to a single sign-on system.

Using a single sign-on can make it easier to authenticate users and make data more secure. Because users are easier to keep track of, it will be easy to determine when someone should gain or lose privileges in the system.

Because multiple domains are expensive to maintain, a single sign-on system reduces overheard for years after the project is completed. It also frees up IT staff to take on projects which can increase the overall quality of your hospital’s IT, instead of spending their time working in the jungle of a messy AD.

We are happy to offer a FREE project health check for you AD project to show you, at no cost, what we can do for you. Contact us today to find out more! We’re excited to help your healthcare technology.