Why You Should Care About Patient Experience

Healthcare technology doesn’t exist in isolation. While it’s easy to become laser-focused on data quality and privacy, that doesn’t necessarily mean that those things alone will improve the quality of anyone’s practice.

The quality of patient care is the number one reason patients choose one healthcare organization over another. So, even if your technology is working smoothly, if it’s not actually working to improve the patient experience, your money has been wasted.

So what’s they key to making healthcare technology work for your organization? It should do two things: make patient care more effective and more efficient. This means that systems should be able to communicate across an entire hospital. This creates a higher quality continuum of care, making the patient feel safer in the hands of the people who are responsible for their healthcare.

Imagine that you are a patient who has been having repeated medical issues. Which scenario would make you feel safer? On one hand, you could see a different doctor every time who asks you the same questions the last one did, and doesn’t seem to have read your chart? On the other hand, you could see a doctor who has clear access to electronic notes, which he or she uses to talk to you about what brings you back this time?

The same goes true for nurses, who already see an incredible number patients and work long hours. Their shifts will go more smoothly and effectively if the data they use is easy to access. Imagine a nurse who could get a text alert when lab results are in, versus a nurse who has to remember to check back with the lab for the results if they have not come in during the time frame which was expected. Which one is more likely to have extra energy leftover to go the extra mile?

At LenMar, our goal this year is to make community hospitals shine by using our common sense to make data do what it should do: Create higher quality patient care. The entire goal of a community hospital is to get to know patients well and have them come back. We want to help you meet that goal.

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