Why Active Directory is Important

If you’ve been following our blog lately, you know that Active Directory (AD) is something we’re working on improving in hospitals around Florida. This week, let’s focus on some basic, important functions of Active Directory and how it can help you hospital. Your hospital’s AD gets used every day, and it has some core features and benefits you need to understand to assess whether it’s functioning at optimal capacity:

What is Active Directory?

Without getting overly technical, Active Directory is a database system that connects all of the individual machines on a network. It allows an administrator to control every computer on the network, as well as facilitates easier sharing of information between machines.

Now that we’ve provided a working answer to the question “what is Active Directory?” we’ll discuss the ways in which it can simplify a business’ technology operations.

How Can it Benefit your Business?

Administrative Privilege and Security

Active Directory determines who has control over all the machines within a network. That person is a designated administrator, and can see and manage all of the rights and privleges within the network. Because you want your administrator to have all of the information available expediently, optimizing your AD is a good idea. Also, making sure your AD is modernized can create more efficient protocols for network administrators to follow to ensure data security and compliance. in other words, the more modernized the AD, the easier it is for the network administrator to control efficiently.

Storage and Backup

Active Directory domains, when scattered and disbanded throughout hospital departments, make it difficult to share information effectively between departments for good reasons. Protecting the data is important, but so is being able to allow the right people to share data for the good of the patient. When you modernize your AD with LenMar, we can provide a  centralized storage repository for users’ files. By saving files to the central server, other users on the domain can access them if necessary. This makes it possible to increase collaboration across hospital departments without compromising sensitive information.  Improved and centralized data storage also makes it possible to easily recover information in the event of a cyberattack or other system failure.


Easy Logins and Lower Costs

Modernizing your hosptial AD will create one login for each user. Administrators will easily be able to grant and restrict access to current and former medical staff and resolve any user log in issues. This can save both time and money by streamlining all of your IT and help desk needs. Because your staff won’t be working on issues like failed log-ins or digging through multiple forests to find user information, they will be able to spend time innovating, collaborating, and doing things to take your hospital IT to the next level.

Once your hospital’s Active Directory is modernized, you’ll wonder how you ever made things work before we upgraded it for you. Contact us today to find out how LenMar Project Solutions can optimize your Active Directory so your hospital can benefit from this technological upgrade.

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