Three Ways Project Management Improves Workplace Culture

Most of us think of project management as a pretty dry subject. And it can be. At its heart, project management is about the somewhat unsexy (but we don’t think so) business of getting things done on time and within budget. At LenMar, we are passionate about project management, especially in the area of healthcare IT because we recognize the tremendous impact it can have on every aspect of a healthcare organization. And what’s at the base of any organization’s overall impact is simple: workplace culture.


One of the reasons we love managing projects is because of the impact good project can have on workplace culture. Especially in today’s changing healthcare environment, workplace culture is vital to success. As the financial world of healthcare changes from one based on flat reimbursements to value-added models of care, the importance of solid IT that tracks patient improvement has never been more relevant.


And that change, from one where a profit is a no-brainer to one where profit must be earned, is new and stressful. Making sure your workplace culture is positive, flexible, and uplifting can ensure that your organization stays competitive and gives patients the care they deserve. Here’s how good project management can help:


Improved Communication

At LenMar, we believe project management has to start with a team of people who can effectively communicate. No matter how great a plan is, it can all go wrong when people stop talking. A good project manager knows how to coach team members through the process of communicating to the people around them. When your organization makes communication a priority, it trickles down from administration to staff. Your staff will feel more comfortable the more you communicate about changes, both good and bad.


Employee Buy-In

When IT projects are poorly managed, the people who actually need to buy in to your administration’s agenda get a little frustrated. Why? Because they are the people who need to actually use that technology to do their very important and high-pressure jobs: making sick people well. Good project management involves a solid plan for communicating changes to employees, getting employee feedback, and making sure that any IT changes made are planned for accordingly so that they have no impact on your staff’s daily tasks and responsibilities. Part of this goes back to communication because it involves being totally transparent. If there are any potential issues, employees will know about them well in advance and be less likely to lose trust with your administrative decisions.


Sense of Accomplishment

Managing a healthcare IT project is no easy task. In fact, they can be so challenging that 75% of IT executives in the healthcare field feel that their projects are destined to fail from the very beginning. When you bring in LenMar, we can alleviate that sense of anxiety by doing what we do best: providing structure. With structure, anything is possible. We also train your executives in our methods and processes so that they feel a sense of efficacy after the project is finished. No one likes feeling like they failed. Finishing a project on time and under budget will give your whole team a sense of accomplishment that will build morale like you’ve never seen before.


If you’re interested in getting starting the conversation about how we can help, you can receive our completely FREE project health check. We can use our custom methods to gauge the overall effectiveness of a current project, or to plan ahead for a future project.


Contact us today to let us know. There is absolutely no obligation until you decide you want to bring us on board. Otherwise, you walk away with detailed advice you can use in the future. We hope to hear from you soon!