Three Resources for Project Management Templates

Sometimes,  you just need a template! A good project management template! Here are three resources to help you streamline documentation on your Wednesday:


  1. Project Management Institute (

Customizable electronic forms are available from the popular organization to help you streamline all of your designs. Most of the document templates are from Cynthia Stackpole’s book, the Project Manager’s Book of Forms. Don’t want a membership? Get the templates here. Stackpole’s book also includes editable files. These forms cover literally every phase of the project from beginning to end. If you are a new project manager looking for a tried and true resource, or an experienced team leader trying to train new project managers, these resources are sure to help. 



Free! We all love free. Some of the project management templates on this site are free, while others are marked as “premium.” Although the organization of this site’s resources isn’t as thorough as’s, the benefit is that these are actual working templates created by currently employed project managers. In other words, it’s the stuff you need in practice and not just in theory. Start downloading here, or become a contributor


  1. Elizabeth Harrin

Harrin, the founder of the website A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, which is a great resource in and of itself, also has an online store full of well-designed and useful templates for meetings and productivity. On her website, Harrin also has a plethora of how-to guides and articles on a lot of topics new project managers might find useful. If you’ve been tasked to complete project management tasks as part of your present role, but you have no formal training in project management, this site could be very helpful.


LenMar offers training to both new and experienced project managers. If you’re interested in those services, contact us to learn more and we’ll get back to you right away.

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