The Future of Project Management

In the month of December, as we all look forward to the holiday’s, we’re also going to be looking forward to the future of project management. Like any other profession, the project management field is ever-changing, and staying on top of project management trends can keep you poised for a brighter future.


Like the rest of the world, project management is becoming increasingly digital. Over the course of the last decade, the use of mobile has skyrocketed digital technologies, making the use of cloud-based software and communication vital. As a relatively new and growing field, project management has been embraced these tools more quickly than others, making it the perfect time to bring a project manager onto your team to revitalize your strategy. Using remote workers to create highly specialized teams is perhaps one of the best benefits of this trend, since it allows a project manager to bring together only the best people without geographical limitations determining the team’s structure.


As society as grown more digital, it has also grown more data-driven. Traditional cost-benefit approaches are not enough in today’s project management industry. Today’s project managers need to be aware of more complex KPIs which can not only measure project performance at the end of the project, but also predict the likelihood of success on the next project and monitor outcomes during a project. In keeping with the trend of digitization, new methods of artificial intelligence are being developed to keep track of these more complex analytics and save project managers valuable time.

Blended Methods

The days of rigid project management methodology have come to an end. Today’s project managers need are more flexible and able to blend methods, and even create new methods, to meet the needs of specific projects. Instead of letting the method run the project, the manager chooses the method. As project management adapts itself to a changing economy and adjusts to the needs of emerging markets, methodologies will continue to evolve.

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