Start Your Active Directory Optimization

When you make the decision to optimize your Active Directory, LenMar Project Solutions engages you in a step-by-step process to ensure you are able to get the maximum benefit from your project. We conduct a through project health check including your needs, procedures, and practices. We also review your infrastructure and processes, as well as the internal Active Directory data. Our free project health check provides you with a detailed report for FREE, showing you exactly how your optimization project will work.

Our Active Directory optimizations work in the following stages:

  1. Planning: In this phase, we create a blueprint that will help your leaders work strategically to implement the optimization. We plan to implement mission-critical business objectives while managing identity and access.
  2. Deployment: Our consults define, design, test, and implement your Active Directory project to align your team’s objectives with the project implementation.
  3. Adoption: When you adopt the Active Directory plan, our project managers give you the support necessary to ensure that the project is successfully adopted.
  4. Optimization: We use a structured approach that includes ongoing evaluation to optimize your Active Directory with interruption to service.


Contact us today for your FREE project health check. We will provide you, completely free of charge, with a detailed report including our project recommendations and plans for your organization’s success.