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Services Provided

We provide project management services and IT management expertise to help organizations execute their critical business initiatives.

Our project management services and IT solutions help make organizations more secure and efficient. We implement technology to minimize your risks for a cyber-attack, reduce your IT operating costs, improve efficiency, simplify access to the data you need to run your organization effectively, enhance collaboration between professionals within your organization, help you meet compliance regulations, improve stakeholder satisfaction, and increase employee engagement.

Our Services:

Many of an organization’s applications hinge on the effectiveness of its Active Directory (AD) infrastructure, including the applications used by your key personnel on a daily basis.

We provide AD optimization and migration services in ⅕ of the time and cost of other project management groups, with zero service interruptions, zero lost data, and annual savings of 20%. See this case study for more details on our track record. Our migration and consolidation services are available on the following platforms:

We deliver zero impact migrations and consolidations for the following Microsoft platforms:

  • Active Directory
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Office365

Our solutions help you simplify migration planning and execution, overcome migration challenges, finish projects faster, and reduce the risk, time, and cost associated with these complex projects with minimal to zero impact on daily operations.

Bring your teams project management skills to the next level with advanced training from our training experts. We provide training in project management to your organization’s teams to maximize your ROI on simple and complex projects.

After an initial assessment of your organization’s needs, we tailor our courses and programs to meet the needs of your personnel.

Course offerings available:

  • Introductory course on the 10 PMI knowledge areas and 5 process groups
  • A la carte specialized training for each knowledge area, and process group
  • Project management soft skills
  • Fundamentals of Agile project management

All employees can benefit from our training’s, including experienced and entry level project managers, managers, technicians, and any employees who need help balancing the complex demands of project management while maintaining a daily workload.

Whether you’re in need of temporary or full-time help, we have staffing options to fit your unique needs:

On-Demand Temporary Staffing

We provide qualified, short-term talent on demand with the flexibility to add or remove resources as your business demand increases or decreases. In short, On-Demand temporary staffing means the assignment has a start and an end date – whether it’s several weeks, or several months.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Temp-to-hire staffing is a tactic you can use to determine the overall fit and need of the employee. The candidate you choose will be on LenMar’s payroll for a 15-week period, and at the end of the 15 weeks, you’ll have the option to hire them if you decide they’re a great fit for your organization.

Direct Placement

When a full-time professional is needed, with the requirements of a specific education, experience or skill set, our Professional Hiring and Recruiting services are ideal. This option allows you to hire employees directly on with your company.  Our hiring experts will identify the best candidates for you to interview and hire without the 15-week period on LenMar’s payroll.

Your PMO needs are unique to your organization. At LenMar Project Solutions, we will help you identify what your needs are and then lead you through four phases to develop and implement your new PMO:

  1. Planning. In the planning stage of a new PMO, we develop the charter for the project. This document establishes expectations for the PMO and becomes a guidepost and reference for all parties involved.
  2. Startup. In the startup phase, we assess the current environment and identify all necessary requirements for successfully completing the project. We plan backwards to determine any pieces that are missing and fill in the gaps for successful project completion.
  3. Setup. When we move into the setup phase, we undergo the processes of design, development, and deployment. In the design process, we determine how the new processes we create will integrate into your existing project management systems; we also configure designs for how future technology resources will enhance your organization’s workflow. We develop training manuals, templates, workflows, and other tools to make the PMO run smoothly. Finally, we deploy project managers, train employees on new processes and methodologies, and install and configure software tools.
  4. Operation. In the operations phase, we embed, evaluate, and enhance. We embed new methodologies into your organization’s culture through training, coaching, and mentoring. We evaluate progress via approved metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Finally, we use a process of continuous improvement to enhance your organization’s project flow by making improvements based on the results from the KPI evaluation.

In order to improve data security and compliance with data regulations, we seamlessly integrate IAM software to your organization’s HR database. We offer solutions that simplify and expedite the processes required to:

  • Govern identities
  • Manage privileged accounts
  • Control access to systems

We have IT experts and partnerships that work across a broad range of technology to help you solve your toughest IT challenges and to improve your ability to spend less time on IT administration and more time on innovation.

Our resources can help with:

  • Process Implementation for Software Development Best Practices
  • Full Stack Software Development
  • Systems Software Development
  • Applications Development
  • Azure and AWS Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Level and Mission Critical Software Development
  • Application and Process Automation
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data