Integrated Project Management for Healthcare IT

The healthcare IT field is a complex area for project management, and for good reason. Healthcare organizations are complex entities, and the planning, execution, and closing of projects involve communication between many different parties.


Just to cite an example of how complex healthcare IT projects can actually be, take this startling statistic: Only 4% of physicians report that their EHR systems meet their functionality needs. Research has proven that the best way to deal with the complexity involved with project management in a healthcare IT setting is to use an integrated approach.


What is Integrated Project Management?

Integrated Project Management (IPM) is a system for managing projects which unites all of the key areas of a healthcare IT project in a way that ensures communication between all parties and the overall success of the project.


How is It Different?

The IPM approach is different from traditional approaches to project management because it unites the project management team, the IT management team, and also takes into account the Change Management necessary to shift an organization from one procedure to another.


Why Is It Important?

Using an integrated approach greatly increases the likelihood that a project will be successful at a practical level because of its emphasis on organizational structure. Because healthcare IT directly affects patient care, an organizational focus is of the utmost importance.


At LenMar, we integrate with your organization’s culture to ensure the success of your projects. We ensure communication between all parties involved in an organizational change: the project team, IT management, and healthcare administration.


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