Improve Data Security with a Modernized Active Directory

Optimizing your Active Directory can make all daily operations in your hospital run more smoothly. The specific benefit we want to highlight for you this week is data security and compliance. By modernizing your AD with LenMar, your hospital will see an immediately improvement in IT security, data back up, and standards compliance.

Updating your AD allows for improved forest back-ups for data recovery. System downtime is minimized by the integration of all data into one easy to manage forest. This also improves security and compliance with security standards by simplifying the log-in and authentication process. Your IT department saves time and money by taking fewer help desk calls for password resets, as well.

Additionally, it makes it much easier to establish who can have access and who cannot have access when all users are integrated into a single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication processes aide in your compliance with security measures. Group access is more easily controlled with a modernized ID, and individual activity can be more accurately monitored. Because all users are migrated to one forest, you can automate, track, and send alerts about changes to individual user accounts and other activity. When you track changes to user access, a modernized AD from LenMar allows you to pull instant reports on compliance and governance standards. Detailed reports are available on both administrator and user activities, at both the individual and group level.

As always, contact us to start your AD optimization today, or schedule a free project health check to determine how we can enhance the performance of your existing or upcoming AD project.