Faster is Better: Modernize your Active Directory

Hey, CIOs and IT-savvy execs! It’s a simple IT principle: faster is better. In a large organization, AD congestion is easy to fix when you create a more efficient method of structuring your Active Directory. Here’s a brief overview of some of the IT benefits you will see from upgrading your active directory.

Active Directory is utilized every day in your organization, and its performance is critical to the daily operations which require sign-in to any app. Having data structured inefficiently can lead to bottlenecks which create congestion in the system and slow down all of your processes.

Optimizing your AD with LenMar can eliminate those bottlenecks and create more efficient storage so that the memory functions allow the domain to cache more of the database and improve the writing process. The result is faster authentication for users.

Even better, we can take multiple forests in your AD and merge all user data and files into one, easy to access single-sign on system. This makes it easer for employees in your organization to log in, saves time and money in help desk calls and emails for password resets. Optimization also means that your IT people only have to authenticate access through one domain. Reports for compliance are also easier to access, since there is a uniform system for granting authentication and monitoring security from department to department.

Reporting processes save time and energy for administrators who can spend less of their time with compliance reporting and more time making executive decisions which can benefit your organization.

Contact us today to find out how LenMar can help you modernize your Active Directory to save time and money. We offer a FREE project health check report to give you an idea of how we can improve you AD and project processes to maximize your dollar.