Digitization in Project Management

We’re ending 2018 by looking into the future. Last week, we talked about some of the major trends you can expect to see come to the forefront of the project management industry in the future. One of those is digitization, which we’ll take a more in-depth look at this week.

What is Digitization? 

In recent years, many industries have become more digitized. Actually, society in general has become more digitized. Digitization means quite simply that industries are people are using digital technologies to adapt to common problems. We see this in everything from the way information is shared, to the way it is distributed, managed, and even produced. The project management world is no exception.

Data Rules

The use of data in project management has skyrocketed as digital file sharing tools have enabled project managers to share complex data sets on project progress in a matter of seconds. The IT industry in particular has seen a rise in the creation and management of software aimed at analyzing, managing, and using data. So, if you are in any way involved in the IT industry, project management will become more important to your job and vice versa.

As project management continues to evolve, it is likely that increasingly sophisticated software will be developed for project data analysis. See our post on project management apps for more information on that trend.

Sharing is Caring

In addition to sharing data, the digitization of the project management world has also resulted in a wider and more social network for project managers. If you’re not using Slideshare to create your presentations and LinkedIn to market them, you’re behind times at this point. This type of content marketing will also become important for independent project managers to grow and develop their client base.

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