Continuum of Care and Healthcare IT

A lot of buzz is in the news lately about healthcare IT. From coordinated alerts on Apple watches to AI in the hospital bed, this field is jumping in 2019. Then again, like most things, the hype doesn’t always translate to the day to day operations of a regular, ordinary person’s life. So, how does healthcare IT impact the actual operations of your hospital on a day to day basis? The simplest answer is: it creates a continuum of care.

Whoa, more buzz words. What’s a continuum of care? It’s simple: Patient data is efficiently stored, accessed, and utilized by everyone who comes in contact with that patient over time. This means that a patient can go from the ER to the hospital bed, and all the data from the ER should be automatically accessible by the nurse caring of the patient.

The next day, the doctor should be able to immediately view all of the information from the ER and the overnight stay without any confusion or missing data. Patient improvement should be tracked within the same system, and transferred to the person responsible for processing insurance claims.

Importantly, the next time the patient comes in, all of that information should be registered simple, easily, and using the same process. The data should be accessible, viewable, usable by hospital staff.

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