Stress Less with Project Management

Workplace stress is a major problem for a lot of people, especially in a tough economy. The healthcare industry is facing drastic changes, shortages, and overall shift in mindset to one based on immediate data and value-added care. Project management doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve been writing a lot this month about how project [...]

Communication in Project Management

At LenMar, we believe in going beneath the surface to find the hidden causes of project failure. One of the reasons projects don’t finish on time and under budget is communication. Communication in project management is crucial for success. So why does it go overlooked? Usually because it’s hard to measure, and many project managers [...]

Three Ways Project Management Improves Workplace Culture

Most of us think of project management as a pretty dry subject. And it can be. At its heart, project management is about the somewhat unsexy (but we don’t think so) business of getting things done on time and within budget. At LenMar, we are passionate about project management, especially in the area of healthcare [...]