Why You Should Upgrade Your Active Directory

Odds are, your hospital's Active Directory (AD) is less like a forest domain and more like an actual jungle: a tangled web of multiple domains throughout all of your departments that is nearly impossible for a CIO to manage with any kind of consistency without staying at work literally all day. And no one wants to [...]

Digitization in Project Management

We're ending 2018 by looking into the future. Last week, we talked about some of the major trends you can expect to see come to the forefront of the project management industry in the future. One of those is digitization, which we'll take a more in-depth look at this week. What is Digitization?  In recent [...]

The Future of Project Management

In the month of December, as we all look forward to the holiday's, we're also going to be looking forward to the future of project management. Like any other profession, the project management field is ever-changing, and staying on top of project management trends can keep you poised for a brighter future. Digitization Like the [...]

Three Resources for Project Management Templates

Sometimes,  you just need a template! A good project management template! Here are three resources to help you streamline documentation on your Wednesday:   Project Management Institute (PMI.org) Customizable electronic forms are available from the popular organization to help you streamline all of your designs. Most of the document templates are from Cynthia Stackpole’s book, [...]

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Integrated Project Management for Healthcare IT

The healthcare IT field is a complex area for project management, and for good reason. Healthcare organizations are complex entities, and the planning, execution, and closing of projects involve communication between many different parties.   Just to cite an example of how complex healthcare IT projects can actually be, take this startling statistic: Only 4% [...]

Thinking Outside the Iron Triangle

The iron triangle is a staple of traditional project management. According to traditional project management wisdom, any good project is comprised of four main facets of a pyramid: cost,quality, budget, and scope. Nonetheless, most projects don’t deliver, despite the best intentions of all parties involved, including the project manager. Here are our tips to get [...]

Three Ways Project Management Improves Workplace Culture

Most of us think of project management as a pretty dry subject. And it can be. At its heart, project management is about the somewhat unsexy (but we don’t think so) business of getting things done on time and within budget. At LenMar, we are passionate about project management, especially in the area of healthcare [...]