LenMar’s Plans for 2019

It's another year, and LenMar Project Solutions is BACK. Here's a quick rundown of a few of our plans for 2019. Focus on Independent Hospitals As the market shifts toward more patient-centered care, the focus independent hospitals place on quality over quantity can actually give you a competitive edge. We want to help you use [...]

Digitization in Project Management

We're ending 2018 by looking into the future. Last week, we talked about some of the major trends you can expect to see come to the forefront of the project management industry in the future. One of those is digitization, which we'll take a more in-depth look at this week. What is Digitization?  In recent [...]

The Most Important Project Management Skill

Of all the skills you learn in the project management field, one is the most important to your success: flexibility. Studying the project management processes and methodologies can make you great at planning a project, but not necessarily good at managing one. Here are a few rules of thumb when managing versus planning a project. [...]

Characteristics of a Great Project Manager

So, you’re organized. You like sorting things into categories. You enjoy a good challenge, and you don’t mind telling people what to do sometimes if it needs to be done. That can make you a good project manager, but we want you to be great. Let’s take a look at some of characteristics you can [...]

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