Advantages of a Streamlined EHR

In 2019, we're excited to offer services to independent hospitals and private practices to give you a competitive edge in an increasingly complex healthcare market. Although the market has shifted to favor larger healthcare organizations, value-driven care offers a unique opportunity for smaller groups to seize a potential advantage: quality. Beneath all of the technical [...]

LenMar’s Plans for 2019

It's another year, and LenMar Project Solutions is BACK. Here's a quick rundown of a few of our plans for 2019. Focus on Independent Hospitals As the market shifts toward more patient-centered care, the focus independent hospitals place on quality over quantity can actually give you a competitive edge. We want to help you use [...]

The Future of Project Management

In the month of December, as we all look forward to the holiday's, we're also going to be looking forward to the future of project management. Like any other profession, the project management field is ever-changing, and staying on top of project management trends can keep you poised for a brighter future. Digitization Like the [...]

The Most Important Project Management Skill

Of all the skills you learn in the project management field, one is the most important to your success: flexibility. Studying the project management processes and methodologies can make you great at planning a project, but not necessarily good at managing one. Here are a few rules of thumb when managing versus planning a project. [...]

Gratitude at Work

Showing gratitude at work can greatly increase the overall quality of your work environment and, as a happy side effect, boost your team's productivity. This month, we're focusing on the soft skills required for successful project management. Gratitude is one of those skills. In today's economy, negative mindsets are all too easy to build. Employees [...]

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Stay Current in Healthcare IT

October has been the month of tips and resources, and it is now drawing to a close. To finish up the month, here are three resources you can browse (after you’re done handing out candy) to help you stay current in healthcare IT.   HealthcareITNews This is one of the best niche websites out there [...]

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Three Online Project Management Tools

The digital revolution has changed the way we work, live, and play. Project management is no exception to these changes. Some things about project management will always be analog. A project management tool shouldn’t and can’t replace a good project manager, but it can definitely make things easier. Here’s a roundup of a few of [...]

Three Questions to Ask about Virtual Care

Imagine you’re low on time, and you’re not feeling well. You want to see the doctor, but it’s too late to call out sick. So, you pull up your phone and video chat with a doctor. This way, you know if you can make that 6:00 p.m. meeting, or if it would be better to [...]

Integrated Project Management for Healthcare IT

The healthcare IT field is a complex area for project management, and for good reason. Healthcare organizations are complex entities, and the planning, execution, and closing of projects involve communication between many different parties.   Just to cite an example of how complex healthcare IT projects can actually be, take this startling statistic: Only 4% [...]

Leadership Skills in Project Management

Leadership skills. Project management. Sound like a bunch of buzz words? Well, leadership skills and project management have gotten a lot of attention in the business world in the past decade, and for good reason -- we need both of them.   To be a good project manager, you have to be a good leader. [...]