Assess Your Active Directory

Your Active Directory (AD) get used every day, and as your organization has gotten bigger and bigger, it might have gotten a little difficult to manage. Before you decide if you want to switch to a cloud-based platform or optimize your existing AD, start with an assessment. Here are a few steps to assessing your [...]

Start Your Active Directory Optimization

When you make the decision to optimize your Active Directory, LenMar Project Solutions engages you in a step-by-step process to ensure you are able to get the maximum benefit from your project. We conduct a through project health check including your needs, procedures, and practices. We also review your infrastructure and processes, as well as [...]

Faster is Better: Modernize your Active Directory

Hey, CIOs and IT-savvy execs! It's a simple IT principle: faster is better. In a large organization, AD congestion is easy to fix when you create a more efficient method of structuring your Active Directory. Here's a brief overview of some of the IT benefits you will see from upgrading your active directory. Active Directory [...]

Why Active Directory is Important

If you've been following our blog lately, you know that Active Directory (AD) is something we're working on improving in hospitals around Florida. This week, let's focus on some basic, important functions of Active Directory and how it can help you hospital. Your hospital's AD gets used every day, and it has some core features [...]

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Improve Data Security with a Modernized Active Directory

Optimizing your Active Directory can make all daily operations in your hospital run more smoothly. The specific benefit we want to highlight for you this week is data security and compliance. By modernizing your AD with LenMar, your hospital will see an immediately improvement in IT security, data back up, and standards compliance. Updating your [...]

Optimize Your Active Directory

Market and regulatory changes, such as the Affordable Care Act, are fueling a historic period of consolidation in the healthcare sector. Independent health systems are struggling to survive on their own due to reduced payouts, driving healthcare mergers, acquisitions and divestitures at a rapid pace. According to Thomson Reuters, healthcare M&A deals totaled $672.9 billion [...]

Why You Should Upgrade Your Active Directory

Odds are, your hospital's Active Directory (AD) is less like a forest domain and more like an actual jungle: a tangled web of multiple domains throughout all of your departments that is nearly impossible for a CIO to manage with any kind of consistency without staying at work literally all day. And no one wants to [...]

Make Your Medical Staff Happy: Upgrade Your Hospital’s AD

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have been getting a lot of attention in the healthcare IT world recently, and for good reason. They can greatly improve the quality of care in any medical facility by allowing medical staff access to vital information about patient health. The very unsexy but totally vital hospital Active Directory (AD) system does [...]

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Continuum of Care and Healthcare IT

A lot of buzz is in the news lately about healthcare IT. From coordinated alerts on Apple watches to AI in the hospital bed, this field is jumping in 2019. Then again, like most things, the hype doesn't always translate to the day to day operations of a regular, ordinary person's life. So, how does [...]

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Why You Should Care About Patient Experience

Healthcare technology doesn't exist in isolation. While it's easy to become laser-focused on data quality and privacy, that doesn't necessarily mean that those things alone will improve the quality of anyone's practice. The quality of patient care is the number one reason patients choose one healthcare organization over another. So, even if your technology is [...]

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