Optimize Your Active Directory

Market and regulatory changes, such as the Affordable Care Act, are fueling a historic period of consolidation in the healthcare sector. Independent health systems are struggling to survive on their own due to reduced payouts, driving healthcare mergers, acquisitions and divestitures at a rapid pace. According to Thomson Reuters, healthcare M&A deals totaled $672.9 billion [...]

Leadership Skills in Project Management

Leadership skills. Project management. Sound like a bunch of buzz words? Well, leadership skills and project management have gotten a lot of attention in the business world in the past decade, and for good reason -- we need both of them.   To be a good project manager, you have to be a good leader. [...]

Project Success Means Prevention

Most projects in the healthcare IT world don’t finish on time and on budget. The reason is simple. Hospitals are complex work environments, and the sheer amount of data handled in these projects makes it difficult to plan effectively. The key to project success in healthcare IT is simple: prevention. Most projects are destined to [...]

How’s Your EHR Usability?

How’s Your EHR Usability? Does your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system actually help your doctors and nurses do their jobs? Or is it a fancy file folder? We hope it’s the first and not the second. As value-based care models emerge and patient control of data rises, it is more important than ever for patient [...]

Top Trends in Healthcare IT for 2018

Things are changing in Healthcare IT, and that means that project management is more relevant than ever. We’re excited to see some of these changes. For us, the important thing is making sure healthcare providers are getting their projects done on time and under budget. Here are a few important trends in healthcare IT to [...]

Improving Healthcare Interoperability

Effective project management can greatly increase the performance of any healthcare IT project, especially interoperability. Healthcare interoperability projects are inherently complicated, and they require expert attention from specialized project managers. The benefits of project management last beyond the short-term and increase interoperability by tapping into some typically overlooked areas.   Implementing EHR Systems   The [...]