Benefits of Active Directory Consolidation

Your Active Directory (AD) keeps your whole organization running on a daily basis. It’s so crucial to operations that, ironically, people often overlook it when they sit down to budget technology upgrades. Budget in an AD upgrade once, and it will save you money for years. Here are some benefits to AD upgrades.

Cost Savings

The best thing about setting aside some time for an AD upgrade project is that it will save you money for years to come. Not only will it improve operations at your facility, making your day-to-day business more profitable, but it will also save you money on extra hardware. When you consolidate, you will spend less on servers and lower your licensing costs. Because your system will be easier to use for your employees, you will save a lot of time and money on help desk calls, as well.

Ease of Management

Your IT will be just plain easier to manage when you modernize your AD. All directory tasks and infrastructure will be in one single domain, meaning that all of your object management, software updates — everything will take less time. And time is money.


Your data will be more secure, since administrators can set rules of access that are maintained across all departments. A system with few domains saves time by making it easier to remove people who should not have access. Every location in a modernized AD has a full domain back-up, which means your important data will not be lost.

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