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About Us

At LenMar, we all come to work every day because we’re motivated to solve the biggest pain points you have with your technology.  We combine our specialized expertise in project management strategies with high impact technology to help organizations in a variety of industries achieve their goals. We provide project management services, IT management expertise, and IT solutions to help our partners plan, build, and execute their critical business initiatives.

We are Experts

IT project delivery is the core foundation of what we do. Through planning, on-boarding, managing and monitoring teams throughout the life cycle of projects, we’re able to consistently define project stages, continually improve processes, ensure deadlines are met and deliver expected outcomes. We don’t waste your time with costly mistakes or miscommunications, and we help ease the organizational transitions that result from our successful project delivery. We are an aid to your employees when it comes to changes – we help them embrace operational changes. Organizations come to us when they need a partner they can trust to deliver their biggest projects with consistent results. You can rely on us to complete your projects within scope, on time, under budget, and with the highest quality. We are the best friend to your bottom line!

We are Team Players

We are partner-focused and team-oriented. Our top priorities are the realization of your organization’s goals and building successful relationships. In our work, we strive to achieve excellence by building close-knit relationships with our partners. We will engage you in meaningful conversations about who you are and what your vision is for your organization so that we can learn exactly what you need from us to be successful. Our positive relationships with our clients make it possible for us to consistently plan, execute, manage, and close projects.

What We Do

Professionals like you turn to LenMar Project Solutions when they need to make sure projects are completed successfully the first time they are initiated. What we do is minimize your risks for a cyber-attack, reduce your IT operating costs, improve efficiency, simplify access to the data you need to run your organization effectively, enhance collaboration between professionals within your organization, help you meet compliance regulations, improve stakeholder satisfaction, and increase employee engagement.

As your trusted source for IT project delivery, we will lead the team through four key phases of your technology projects:

  1. Planning. When a project is approved, we create a plan that encompasses all tasks, resources, and personnel needed each step of the way to ensure no aspect of your project is ignored or improperly handled.
  2. Execution. When we execute a project, we give clear directives to each group involved in the process and make sure that the necessary communication between groups takes place to accomplish your goals. We take over managing every aspect of the project for you and keep you completely informed along the way.
  3. Monitoring. In this phase, we manage any obstacles that may arise and supervise all parties involved to make sure nothing gets in our way of success and that all team members stay focused on meeting deadlines.
  4. Closing. Finally, we make sure you are satisfied with the final product and complete any final adjustments to make sure things run smoothly once a project closes. We NEVER leave you to tie up loose ends alone.

Contact LenMar today to start using our services and lead your organization into the future with today’s best emerging technology.