Thinking Outside the Iron Triangle

The iron triangle is a staple of traditional project management. According to traditional project management wisdom, any good project is comprised of four main facets of a pyramid: cost,quality, budget, and scope. Nonetheless, most projects don’t deliver, despite the best intentions of all parties involved, including the project manager. Here are our tips to get your team thinking outside the triangle:

Consider the relationship between healthcare IT and healthcare administration.


Healthcare IT projects shouldn’t just involve the IT team. Appropriate IT changes should be made with the organization’s overall strategy in mind, and communication should take place between the IT project team and hospital administrators.


Healthcare IT projects will ultimately affect the day to day functioning of every department, so administrators should have input from the beginning of any project and be involved of the closing of a project, as well. Ideally, administrators will communicate with healthcare practitioners, as well, since making their work available to patients is the ultimate goal of any healthcare organization.


Expand your definition of “quality.”


Quality means the quality of the working environment for employees, as well. It’s hard to get a group of people motivated who feel fearful of punishment if goals are not met, are unclear on their objectives, or are just generally uninvested in the project at large. Communication and people skills go a long way in making projects successful.


Establishing communication norms goes a long way in helping people feel comfortable. For example, team members might wonder what should be communicated by phone call, versus email or in-person communication. Making those norms explicit can go a long way to alleviate stress.


Establish norms and focus on the long term.


An important goal for long-term success is to have a broader mindset in terms of what project success means. A quality project manager will think in terms of the success of overall programs and portfolios. Not only that, but a great project manager will have specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to use in order to obtain metrics to measure those larger indicators of the team’s success.


At LenMar Project Solutions, we think outside the triangle every day, and we’re on a mission to improve project quality for every healthcare IT organization and team we can. If you want to know more about how you can improve some of the softer skills involved with project management, in addition to meeting standard goals and objectives, we’ve got the perfect solution — our FREE project health check, designed to measure every possible area of strength and needed improvement for your organization. If you’re interested, contact us today to receive our completely free health check report detailing all of our recommendations.

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